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Standard Weight Plates are an efficient form of free weights for usage as part of your strength training. Used by a Standard Barbell, you could perform a vast variety of workouts to target diverse muscle groups. By weight discs accessible from dimensions 5kg to 25kg, Normal Weights is commended for all users, providing to all aptitudes and strengths. We offer Captain-America style PU Weight Plates.


  • Suitable for arm, shoulder and chest works out
  • Coming tried for quality and perseverance
  • Comes in standard length decisions
  • Valuable in performing stretch activities of shoulders, arms and chest
  • Simple holding and agreeable utilization esteem
  • New enhanced plan for high utilization comfort
  • Discover use as viable and to a great degree flexible muscle designer
  • Help in re-forming abdominal area

Contac Us

Our Weights are prepared with PU Rubber plus are tremendously durable. Featuring a convenient, comfortable pickup design, Tri-Grip Iron Weight Plates are a suitable substitute for faster weight variations or if you desire to use the weight for workouts without the bar, for example, triceps curls.

PU Rubber-Encased Weight Plates have the advantage of absorbing noise, creating them far silent if dropped. Average PU Weight Plates, which feature a firm plastic surface, have the similar benefit. Both are moreover safer.

There are numerous diverse dumbbell models in the marketplace; some of the dumbbells are more compact with fewer weight plates however others have additional weight plates. For those who are seeing adjustable dumbbell sets, a significant issue affecting your choice of dumbbells will be the number of weight plates in the dumbbell set. We commend dumbbell sets through more weight plates.

A clear benefit of barbell by more weight plates is the diversity of resistance levels which you could create with diverse blends of weights plates on your barbell. The additional weights plates on your barbell, the more choices you have for your resistance level. It is significant for each of the weights plates to have different weights as it will permit you to adjust the barbell to make your desired weight easily.

Weight Plates are our maximum favorite variation due to the comparatively low cost, high sturdiness, and flexibility of use. These rubber weights are appropriate for any inside gym or health application. They are not manufactured for outside use though, and use of these kinds of high-density rubber plates outside will reason damage to the surface of the plate (chipping) as well as cooperation its toughness.

Bumper Plates are a requirement for any strength training program that would involve training the Olympic lifts otherwise assistance activities engaged in Olympic weightlifting training. A factual bumper plate is prepared of dense Vulcanized rubber. Our Olympic weight plates are not rubber covered iron plates that would peel and crack. The advantage of solid rubber bumper plates is they could be dropped from overhead without destructive floors in the means that cast iron otherwise steel Olympic plates would. Being capable of decreasing the weights otherwise "bailout" of a lift is vital when a trainee starts to use heavy poundage that could perhaps cause the wound to the learner if he or she were to effort to bring the weighs down toward the body afterward the full physical effort required for a supreme weight lift.