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Rubber Flooring - Rolls & Tiles Manufacturer & Exporter in India

FFI offers innovative product range in rubber flooring with asssurance of quality & timely supplies. FFI is a definite choice for your requirements for rubber flooring with vide options in tiles & rolls.FFI Rubber Tiles are tested & proven over a long span of time, Hightec Rubber rolls recently manufactured by FFI in India.

Our Flooring Products


Rubber has an assortment of characteristic favorable circumstances that have made it a to a great degree prevalent flooring decision for business, high activity situations. Presently with a wide determination of hues, examples, and surfaces accessible, this material is likewise discovering its way into private indoor and outdoor applications. However these favorable circumstances are additionally adjusted by a progression of downsides, which are vital to comprehend before settling on a last flooring choice.

Our Dumbbells

dumbbells set

Star Dumbbells

The best thing about dumbbells is that isolated from a business rec focus, you can use them at home too in light of the way that they are definitely not hard to pass on and don't require much space for limit.

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  • 15 kg pu rubber coated red dumbbells in round shape
  • 30 kg pu rubber coated dumbbells black color
  • 5 kg pu rubber coated blue dumbbells in round shape
  • 2.5 kg pu rubber coated yellow dumbbells in round shape

Our Weight Plates & Olympic Bars

weight plate & olympic bars

Star Barbell & Weight Plates

Olympic Bars (Barbell) Features:

  • Available Length: 3', 4', 5', 6' and 7'
  • 3 Different Finishing: Nickle, Chrome and Black
  • 28mm Froning

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Weight Plates Features:

  • PU Rubber Coated with Strong MS Iron Plate
  • Size: 5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG and 25KG
  • 28mm Froning

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  • PU Rubber Coated Weight Plate
  • black olympic bar
  • chrome olympic bar
  • nickle olympic bar